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1. Large molecular weight, fast sedimentation rate. It is a new type of composite inorganic polymer coagulant with the characteristics of fast settling speed of iron salt, low treatment cost and excellent water purification effect of aluminum salt;
2. Hydrolysis generates a large number of polymeric cations, which can significantly reduce the charge of turbid colloid in water, and has a large molecular weight and bridging structure, so it has strong adsorption capacity;
3. The aluminum residue is small, which reduces the toxicity of aluminum salt to the greatest extent; The color of effluent is better than that of polymeric ferric sulfate;
4. Low dosage. Easy operation, small dosage and low cost;

Business consulting:18560893538

Scope of application

1.It is applicable to the purification treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater, papermaking wastewater, tanning wastewater, electroplating wastewater, printed circuit board wastewater, heavy metal wastewater, fluoride wastewater, oily wastewater and other wastewater;

2.It is suitable for phosphorus removal or sludge hydrophobicity improvement in domestic sewage treatment plants;

3.It is suitable for purification treatment of rivers, lakes, ponds, groundwater and other water sources;

4.Suitable for sludge dewatering.

quality standard

Executive standardsQ/CL 008-2017

appearanceReddish brown viscous liquid
All iron,%                          ≥7.0
Al2O3, %                        ≥3.0
Al2O3+All iron, %                   ≥10.0
density,g/cm3(20℃)               ≥1.38
Reducing substance(以Fe2+计) ,%       ≤0.15
Basicity,%                        ≥6
pH(1%aqueous solution)                2.5~3.5
Insoluble matter,%                        ≤0.1

Recommended brand

Qingyuan Brand。

usage method

1.The beaker test shall be conducted before use to obtain the optimal concentration and dosage;

2.When using this product, add an appropriate amount of water to dilute the liquid product for 3-5 times before adding it. The diluent shall not be stored for more than 24 hours. The solid products shall be added after being diluted 5~10 times with appropriate amount of water, and the mixing shall be continuously started to avoid the precipitation of effective ingredients.

Packaging, storage and transportation

The solid is 25kg woven bag. The liquid shall be transported in 40kg drums or tankers.

Store in a dry, cool and ventilated place. The storage stability period of this product is 6 months.

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