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Polymerized ferric sulfate is composed of a variety of inorganic and organic polymer flocculants through polymerization and blending (copolymerization). It is a composite (copolymerization) ferric salt polymer flocculant produced by "one-step" high-tech technology, with larger particle size, molecular weight and higher charge density. Therefore, it can form more stable hydrolytic products mainly in flocculation form during hydrolysis, with stronger adsorption, sweeping, bridging and electric neutralization capabilities. In the process of coagulation and purification of water, it can quickly neutralize the negative charge on the surface of colloidal particles, destabilize them, bridge or adsorb between particles, and produce rapid coagulation and flocculation. The resulting flocs (alum) are thick, dense The sedimentation rate is fast, showing excellent coagulation effect. Compared with other inorganic polymer flocculants (polyaluminum, etc.), it has higher purification capacity. And there is no "yellowing" phenomenon; There is no secondary pollution to the water body, non-toxic, harmless, safe and reliable.

Business consulting:18560893538

1、Polyferric sulfate has two product forms, liquid and solid; The liquid is reddish brown viscous transparent liquid; The solid is light yellow amorphous powder solid;

2、Molecular formula:【Fe2M(OH)n(SO4)3-n/2】m;

3、Performance indicators: This product complies with the national standard of the People's Republic of China, Water Treatment Agent Polymeric Ferric Sulfate GB14591-2006. The specific indicators are as follows:


density,g/cm3(20℃)           ≥

1.45 1.45 
Full paste (* effective dose),       %≥
Content of reducing substances (as Fe2+),%≤
Basicity,                %8.0-16.08.0-16.08.0-16.08.0-16.0

Insoluble content,                %≤
Cadmium (Cd) content,          %≤0.00010.0002  
汞(Hg)content,          %≤0.000010.00001  
铬(Cr)content,          %≤0.00050.0005  
砷(As)content,          %≤0.00010.0002  
铅(Pb)content,          %≤0.00050.001  

Note: Class I drinking water; Class II industrial water, waste water and sewage;

*Effective components other than total iron

Product application characteristics:

Compared with other inorganic flocculants (including inorganic polymer and composite inorganic polymer), it has the following characteristics:

1. The new, high-quality and efficient composite polymer ferric salt flocculant does not contain toxic substances such as aluminum and heavy metal ions, nor the aqueous phase transfer of iron ions. It does not cause secondary pollution to the water body, and is non-toxic, harmless, safe and reliable.

2. The flocculation performance is excellent, and the flocs (alum flowers) formed are coarse and dense, and the settling speed is fast; The sludge has good dewatering and compressibility, reducing the cost of sludge treatment.

3. It can remove turbidity, bacteria, odor, algae, color, oil, water, heavy metal ions, radioactive substances and carcinogens; The removal rate of COD, BOD and chroma can reach more than 90%.

4. The width of the applicable water body PH value range is 4-11, and the optimal PH value range is 6-9; After purification, the PH value and total alkalinity of the water body change slightly, which is less corrosive to the water treatment equipment. The treated water has no "yellowing" phenomenon, and the water quality is excellent.

5. The purification effect of micro polluted, algae containing, low temperature and low turbidity raw water is remarkable, especially for high turbidity raw water.

6. It has a good effect on the treatment of wastewater from paper mill, electroplating wastewater from circuit board factory and paint factory.

7. Compared with other inorganic flocculants, the dosage is less, the use is convenient, the cost per ton of water is low, and the treatment cost can generally save more than 20% compared with other inorganic flocculants.

8. The product has stable performance, long storage life (up to more than two years).

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