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The ultimate goal of Dongjia Group is to pursue the harmonious development of enterprise and employees, customers and society, and create a better life for mankind. While pursuing good economic benefits, we take promoting human development, environmental protection and social progress as the premise.

In the process of production and operation, we will pay close attention to the health and safety of employees, customers, communities and the public, take responsibility for protecting the public environment, and should not damage employees, customers, the public and the environment due to our own behavior. We will use our technology, management, brand and other resources to actively assume social responsibility, develop green chemicals, and become a model of responsible corporate citizens.

Dongjia's efforts in "responsible care"

1. Dongjia Group has passed the certification of ISO9001 quality management, ISO14001 environmental management and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety systems. It operates PDCA in strict accordance with the standards and strives to achieve a leading level in the domestic chemical industry.

2. Dongjia Group has established a win-win cooperation relationship with all contractors/carriers. The employees of the cooperative units must meet Dongjia's safety requirements and receive mandatory safety training when necessary to ensure safety during construction and transportation.

3. Train a group of experienced sales teams to provide customers with complete after-sales service. The products are equipped with complete MSDS, and regularly communicate product HSEQ information to customers through holding seminars to solve customers' problems.

4. Select product carriers with safety qualifications, regularly train drivers on the company's safety related knowledge in transportation, work with carriers to develop transportation emergency plans, equip transport vehicles with emergency equipment, and reduce and prevent product transport accidents.

The essence of Dongjia's responsible care

A harmonious cooperative relationship between chemical enterprises and the public in the surrounding communities. In terms of responding to the opinions or suggestions put forward by the community and the public, enterprises should change from passive behavior to active behavior, or completely voluntary behavior.

Responsible care is the overall implementation of the system from top to bottom, and it is an independent activity for continuous improvement. It is the implementation of a concept, not an independent and new safety, health and environmental protection plan imposed on the existing system. In terms of ethics, all companies committed to "responsible care" have a purpose, that is, the safety and health of employees are the first, and they should take the initiative to do a good job in environmental management. In terms of management, the concept of "responsible care" also runs through it to ensure that the chemical industry can reach the lowest risk level.