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The company has won special funds to support and lead industrial innovation and development

Column:Corporate News Time:2016-12-22 Browsing volume: 256

Recently, the Company received the notice from Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission on "provincial funding for the project of introducing talents in shortage in the western uplift belt and key regions", and the recovery project of titanium, tungsten and vanadium in spent catalyst for denitrification declared by the Company was supported by provincial funding. And successfully passed the final acceptance and performance evaluation of the third-party organization entrusted by Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission. At the same time, the company also received the joint text from Zibo Science and Technology Bureau and the Finance Bureau to support the establishment of key innovative development projects of the city's high-tech industry innovation chain in 2016. The company's application for the special titanium dioxide project for denitration catalyst active carrier received government funding support. Through the implementation of the above projects, the R&D and application of collaborative innovation between the company and denitration catalyst alliance enterprises have gradually shown a huge joint force to lead and promote. With the increasing focus of special funds on integrated R&D projects, "collaborative innovation" has become the normal state of innovation and development of the alliance, and alliances and enterprises have become close partners. With the support of the Denitration Catalyst Alliance, the production, application, evaluation and development of active carrier titanium dioxide are increasingly improved, supporting and leading the accelerated pace of industrial innovation and development.