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The First Announcement on Environmental Impact Assessment of 60000 t/a Chlorinated Titanium Dioxide Project

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60000 t/a chlorinated titanium dioxide project of Shandong Youbang New Materials Co., Ltd

The first announcement of environmental impact assessment

According to the requirements of the Interim Measures for Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment (HF [2006] No. 28) and the Notice on Strengthening the Supervision and Management of Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment of Construction Projects (LHPH [2012] No. 138), the following announcements are hereby issued:

1、 Name and outline of the construction project:

Project name: 60000 t/a chlorinated titanium dioxide project

Construction unit: Shandong Youbang New Materials Co., Ltd

Construction site: 800m south of Liangping Village, Boshan District, Zibo City

Main construction contents:

The main construction contents include chlorination workshop, oxidation workshop, post-treatment and product packaging workshop, environmental protection treatment workshop and waste residue yard. The project uses high titanium slag, petroleum coke, calcined coke, chlorine gas, oxygen, aluminum bar, industrial white oil, etc. as raw materials to produce titanium tetrachloride by boiling chlorination, and then generates titanium dioxide by oxygen oxidation. The crude titanium dioxide will produce qualified titanium dioxide by chlorination after post-treatment.

The project belongs to the encouraged category in the Guiding Catalogue of Industrial Restructuring (2011 Edition) (Revised), which conforms to the national industrial policy. The environmental impact assessment document of the project is approved by Zibo Environmental Protection Bureau.

2、 Name and contact information of the construction unit

Construction unit: Shandong Youbang New Materials Co., Ltd

Address: No. 55, Qiugu Hengli River, Boshan District, Zibo City

Contact: Manager Sun Tel: 0533-4167711 Postal code: 255200

3、 Introduction to the evaluation organization undertaking the environmental impact assessment

Environmental impact assessment unit: Shandong Haimeinong Project Consulting Co., Ltd

Certificate No.: GHPZ No. 2452; Industry scope: light industry, textile, chemical fiber, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry, metallurgy, electromechanical industry, building materials, thermal power, social areas, general project environmental impact report, special project environmental impact report, etc.

Address: Fengrun Building, No. 100, South Industrial Road, Jinan Post code: 250100

Contact: Manager Yuan Tel.: 0531-81795815-8020 Fax: 0531-81795818 ext. 8020

4、 Working procedures and main work contents of environmental impact assessment

(1) The environmental impact assessment process of the Project is as follows, and the flow chart is shown in Figure 1:

① According to the national "Directory of Classified Management of Environmental Protection of Construction Projects", it is determined that the project should prepare an environmental impact report.

② Study the national and local laws, regulations and standard documents related to environmental protection, and study the technical documents and other documents related to the construction project; Conduct preliminary environmental survey and preliminary engineering analysis.

③ Identify environmental impact factors and screen assessment factors to determine the assessment priorities.

④ The work grade of each individual environmental impact assessment is determined on the basis of environmental status survey and preliminary engineering analysis of the Project.

⑤ Use the current monitoring data to analyze the impact of the whole plant on the environment.

⑥ Evaluate the environmental impact of the construction project according to national and local laws, regulations and standards.

⑦ On the basis of public participation in the survey, the evaluation conclusion on the environmental feasibility of the construction project is given; Put forward environmental protection measures and suggestions and complete the preparation of the report.

(2) Main contents of EIA:

① Engineering analysis.

② Investigation and assessment of environmental status.

③ Identification of environmental impact, screening of assessment factors and determination of assessment grade.

④ Environmental impact analysis, prediction and assessment.

⑤ Environmental protection measures and their technical and economic demonstration.

⑥ Analyze the economic profit and loss of the environmental protection measures of the proposed project.

⑦ Conduct public participation survey.

⑧ Prepare environmental monitoring and management plan.

⑨ From the perspective of environmental protection, give the exact conclusion whether the project can continue to be constructed and operated.

Figure 1 Environmental Impact Assessment Procedure

5、 Main issues for public comments

We hope to get your attitude towards the project construction, your views on the positive and negative impacts of the construction project, your most concerned issues, your wishes and requirements, etc.

6、 Main ways of public opinions

If the public has any opinion on the environmental protection of the construction project, they can submit it to Shandong AIA New Materials Co., Ltd. or Shandong Haimeinong Project Consulting Co., Ltd. within 10 working days from the date of this announcement. The feedback method can be by phone, fax or e-mail.

Shandong Youbang New Materials Co., Ltd

August 24, 2016