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The Group's export inspection exemption review procedure was officially launched

Column:Corporate News Time:2013-03-06 Browsing volume: 264

In January this year, after the company's "SR-2377 titanium dioxide" entered the "2013 Export Commodity Inspection Exemption Approval Plan" of the AQSIQ, the "Inspection Exemption Promotion Leading Group" and the "Inspection Exemption Promotion Working Group" were specially established to organize, coordinate and direct the inspection exemption work, and were led by the director and general manager respectively. Just after the Spring Festival, the Chairman, General Manager and relevant company leaders had a deep talk with the visiting Zibo Entry Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau's leading group to help Shandong Dongjia Group implement the inspection exemption for export products. Since then, the review procedure of "SR-2377 titanium dioxide export inspection exemption" (hereinafter referred to as "inspection exemption") of Dongjia Group has begun.

According to the requirements of relevant regulations, the entire "inspection exemption" approval is expected to be completed within the year, and needs to pass the municipal, provincial and national approval. The examination of Zibo Entry Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau will start on June 1; After passing the examination, it is expected to meet the examination of Shandong Entry Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in the middle of July; Finally, the AQSIQ dispatched an expert group to carry out the final assessment.