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The Group's technology center laboratory passed the national capacity verification

Column:Corporate News Time:2013-01-31 Browsing volume: 256

After nearly half a year's efforts, the Group's technical center laboratory has obtained the measurement audit certificate of Beijing Zhongshi Guojin International Laboratory's capability verification. The certificate includes chemical analysis and instrument analysis. By testing the national reference materials, it is confirmed that the testing level of the Technical Center has reached the national recognized standard, the data is reliable, the difference between the test results and the national reference value is less than the critical difference, and the test results meet the requirements of the corresponding test standards, obtaining satisfactory results. It lays a foundation for passing the National Laboratory Proficiency Test (CNAS) in the next step. The capacity verification of this application is for the analysis of the chemical components TiO2, Fe2O3, Al2O3 and SiO2 in NIL MA136 rutile. The data obtained by the Technical Center through chemical titration, spectrophotometric colorimetry and ICP analysis are consistent with the national standard material data. Verify that the data of the technical center is reliable and the instrument and test management are standardized. In 2013, we will optimize the internal environment, strive for CNAS laboratory recognition, and create conditions for product export inspection exemption.