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Mayor Xu Jingyan came to our company for investigation

Column:Corporate News Time:2013-01-31 Browsing volume: 272

On January 16, it was cold and windy. Mayor Xu Jingyan and his delegation accompanied by Boshan District Party Secretary Xu Bing and District Chief Ren Shusheng came to our group for investigation. In Jinhong Company, the Chairman of the Group introduced the production and operation of the Group. While maintaining its leading position in the industry, the Group has successively participated in the preparation of a number of national standards. The Group's "Clean Production Process of Titanium Dioxide by Ammonium Sulfate Titanium Sulfate Process" project was included in the "Environmental Protection and Clean Production Support Technology Project for Petroleum and Chemical Industry" by the China Petrochemical Federation and the China Chemical Industry Environmental Protection Association for the first time. The Group has become a leader in the industry's technical standards.

Mayor Xu checked the dispatching room, DCS control room and other production posts in Jinhong Company, had a detailed understanding of the project construction, process research and development and production equipment of the Group, highly appraised the development of the Group in recent years, and required the enterprise to adhere to scientific development according to the established development ideas and make greater contributions to the revitalization of Zibo, an old industrial city.