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The company participated in drafting two national standards

Column:Corporate News Time:2012-12-06 Browsing volume: 262

Recently, the draft of the national standards "Determination of the Ratio of Anatase to Rutile in Titanium Dioxide Pigments by X-Ray Diffraction" and "GB/T5211.15 General Test Methods for Pigments and Pigments Part 15: Determination of Oil Absorption" drafted by the Technology Center of the Group Company were reviewed by the National Coating and Pigment Standards Committee and submitted to the National Development and Reform Commission for review. The national standard Determination of the Ratio of Anatase to Rutile in Titanium Dioxide Pigments by X-Ray Diffraction was drafted by our company, the National Standards Commission and DuPont, which is the first standard proposed by the state. This draft standard has reached the international advanced level. The ratio method and full spectrum fitting method are used to eliminate the influence of other crystal forms, and the results are more accurate.

In recent years, the company has vigorously implemented the standardization strategy, actively participated in the drafting of national and industrial standards, and has successively participated in drafting more than 10 national standards, among which the national standards HG/T2239-2012 Epoxy Ester Primer and HG/T3655-2012 Ultraviolet (UV) Curing Wood Coatings have been published and implemented, and the national standard Pigment Color Comparison is pending approval; At the same time, the company has formulated 8 enterprise standards to standardize the production process and quality assurance of products. "Taking the road of standard innovation is the development mode of world-class enterprises". Our company will integrate independent innovation technology into various product standards through continuous improvement of software and hardware facilities, improve product quality, enhance market competitiveness, improve the brand image of our products, and strive to move towards the direction of world-class enterprises by relying on product standard innovation.