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Zhang Bo, Director of the Provincial Environmental Protection Department, visited our company

Column:Corporate News Time:2012-10-23 Browsing volume: 261

On October 15, Zhang Bo, director of the Provincial Environmental Protection Department, led the Xiaoqing River Basin Ecological Environment Comprehensive Treatment Supervision Group of the provincial government to visit our company. Liu Dongjun, Deputy Mayor, Ren Shusheng, Deputy Secretary of the District Committee and District Head, Yang Yufeng, Deputy District Head, and heads of relevant urban departments accompanied.

At the site of the reclaimed water reuse project of Dongjia Group, Director Zhang Bo carefully listened to the report of the Chairman of the Group. The total investment of the sewage advanced treatment and reuse project was 36 million yuan. The sewage was made into demineralized water and returned to the production of titanium dioxide for continuous use. The water recycling utilization rate reached 70%. The project can save 7.608 million tons of water annually. With the continuous development of the Company's circular economy, the product cost has been further reduced, and the environmental protection level has been continuously improved, achieving the goal of clean production without odor and up to standard emissions. Zhang Bo highly praised Dongjia Group's achievements in circular economy. Emphasize the transformation of mode and structure, clean production, energy conservation and emission reduction, solve the "bottleneck" of industrial enterprises' pollution emissions, focus on science and technology to overcome difficulties, and achieve standard emissions; Efforts should be made to strengthen measures to ensure the completion of the governance objectives, benefit the people and make positive contributions to the improvement of the ecological environment of the Xiaoqing River basin in the province.