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Zhou Qingli, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, inspected our company

Column:Corporate News Time:2012-10-23 Browsing volume: 281

On October 17, municipal party secretary Zhou Qingli, acting mayor Xu Jingyan and other urban leaders visited our company.

Our company is a site for scientific development of all districts and counties in Boshan District. The Chairman of the Group reported the recent production and operation of the Group to the leaders. In recent years, Dongjia Group has adhered to scientific development and continued to cooperate with scientific research institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and colleges and universities. Its products have achieved high-end development. At the same time, the Group has always taken circular economy as the primary task of enterprise connotation development. 120 million yuan will be invested to build a sulphuric acid production line with an annual output of 300000 tons and a supporting waste heat power generation project. 950000 tons of steam can be recycled annually, converted into 180000 tons of standard coal; The installed capacity of waste heat power generation reaches 12000 kWh, and the annual power generation capacity is 96 million kWh, which can save nearly 50 million yuan in electricity cost; The total investment of the sewage advanced treatment and reuse project is 36 million yuan. The sewage is made into demineralized water and returned to the production of titanium dioxide for continuous use. The water recycling utilization rate reaches 70%. The circular development has promoted the continuous growth of production, and the sales revenue of the Group will reach 5 billion yuan.

After listening to the report, Secretary Zhou pointed out that Dongjia Group is one of the most successful enterprises in the restructuring of old state-owned industrial enterprises in our city. There are three aspects we can learn from. First, the high-end products and the strong alliance with the world's top 500 enterprises; The second is circular economy, the real cycle. Environmental protection standards and other indicators are formulated by Dongjia Group, which is based on the circular economy of Dongjia Group; The third is honesty. Integrity makes Dongjia Group recognized by the industry and the market.