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The Group won the honor of Zibo Energy Saving Outstanding Contribution Enterprise

Column:Corporate News Time:2012-08-21 Browsing volume: 270


On July 11, Zibo held a grand meeting on energy conservation and consumption reduction. Shandong Dongjia Group Co., Ltd. won the "2011 Zibo Energy Saving Outstanding Contribution Award", and won a financial award of 300000 yuan. Liu Xiao, Executive Vice Mayor of Zibo City, and other relevant municipal leaders presented awards to the award-winning units.

At the meeting, the general manager of the group made a typical speech on behalf of the group company. The general manager said in his speech that Dongjia Group has made great efforts to develop circular economy, insisted on comprehensive utilization, and gradually formed a chain production structure of "taking titanium oxide as the leader, supporting sulfuric acid, steam recycling, waste heat power generation, by-product ammonium sulfate and water purification agent, reclaimed water recycling, and comprehensive utilization". In recent years, the Group Company has increased its efforts in comprehensive utilization, invested in the construction of the low temperature recovery and waste heat power generation projects of the sulfuric acid system, and used the waste heat and residual pressure steam of the sulfur based sulfuric acid system to generate electricity, which can generate 48 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually, greatly reducing the production cost of titanium dioxide. In the reuse of reclaimed water, the Group invested 36 million yuan to deeply treat the up to standard sewage discharged from the company's sewage treatment plant. The desalted water supply accounted for the production of desalted water, which provided water for the waste heat boiler and production process, greatly improving the reuse rate of water.

At the meeting, the General Office of Zibo Municipal People's Government also announced the announcement of Zibo's 2012 "30 energy-saving projects". Vice Mayor Liu Xiao made an important speech at the meeting.