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Clean production process of titanium dioxide with ammonium sulfate and titanium co production method of the Group passed the appraisal

Column:Corporate News Time:2012-07-10 Browsing volume: 283



On July 8, the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences organized relevant experts to identify the scientific and technological achievements of "ammonium sulfate titanium" co production developed by Shandong Dongjia Group Co., Ltd. The experts believed that this achievement, which has advanced international level in the same industry, has opened up an innovative road for China's traditional sulfuric acid titanium dioxide industry to solve the environmental dilemma and achieve industrial upgrading.

The expert group composed of Zhang Yihe, an academician of the CAE Member, believes that the new cleaner production process of the "ammonium titanium sulfate" industrial chain of Dongjia group has achieved four breakthroughs. First, the advanced treatment of titanium dioxide acidic wastewater was carried out by using ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis technologies, which overcame the problem of impurities blocking the osmosis membrane, and achieved the world leading level of less than 50 tons of new water consumption per unit volume of titanium dioxide and less than 20 tons of sewage discharge per unit volume. Second, the imported acid high titanium slag and ilmenite mixed raw materials that are difficult to use are used, reducing the waste slag discharge by 60%. Third, the industrialization of continuous acid hydrolysis technology has been realized. The acid hydrolysis rate of titanium ore has been increased to more than 96%, and the utilization rate of titanium resources has been increased from about 79% of the traditional process to more than 87%. Fourth, 20% of waste sulfuric acid is not concentrated, instead of 98% of commercial sulfuric acid, to produce ammonium sulfate products. Waste is turned into resources by energy saving and emission reduction, realizing the product chain coupling of circular economy. It has a positive demonstration role and promotion value in promoting the industrial upgrading and structural adjustment of China's titanium dioxide industry.

The appraisal team composed of Academician Zhang Yi, Academician Duan Ning and other experts of the Chinese Academy of Engineering believed that the technology of "new titanium dioxide cleaner production process with ammonium sulfate and titanium co production method" was mature, and the effect of energy conservation, consumption reduction and emission reduction was obvious. The quality, mineral consumption, comprehensive energy consumption and water consumption of titanium dioxide products reached the international advanced level in the same industry. The high-quality rutile titanium dioxide produced by this process has some quality indicators better than those of the products produced by the chlorination process. It has unique advantages in the comprehensive utilization of resources, energy conservation and emission reduction, and has an important demonstration role and promotion value in promoting the upgrading and structural adjustment of China's titanium dioxide industry.

Experts attending the meeting pointed out that due to technical constraints, domestic titanium resource grade restrictions, market demand and many other factors, domestic titanium dioxide produced by sulfuric acid process cannot be completely eliminated at present. How to make use of the existing sulfuric acid process titanium dioxide industry foundation to carry out cleaner production technology innovation is the primary task of China's titanium dioxide industry. Therefore, the successful development of this technology is of great significance for solving the environmental protection and development problems of the titanium dioxide industry produced by sulfuric acid process in China.

It is understood that before the appraisal meeting, the Sinopec Federation and the Chinese Environmental Society had organized experts to Shandong Dongjia Group Co., Ltd. in the first ten days of June to carry out on-site assessment on the industrial production of titanium dioxide cleaner production process by ammonium sulfate titanium co production method. For this appraisal meeting, the assessment data report was submitted.