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The 12th Five Year Plan for Comprehensive Utilization of Vanadium and Titanium Resources and Industrial Development was issued

Column:Industry Information Time:2012-08-21 Browsing volume: 312

The total amount of titanium dioxide will be strictly controlled, and the elimination standard of titanium dioxide produced by sulfuric acid method is stipulated

The Plan includes the following four parts:

1、 Planning Basis and Background

(1) Planning basis. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the comprehensive utilization of vanadium and titanium resources and the intensive industrial development in China have achieved remarkable results. The distribution of resource reserves has been further verified, the embryonic form of industrial base has been preliminarily formed, the comprehensive utilization has made new breakthroughs, and the products basically meet the domestic market demand, laying a solid foundation for further changing the development mode and promoting industrial upgrading.

(2) Main problems. The vanadium titanium industry still has problems such as extensive resource development, low utilization level, insufficient deep processing, lack of agglomeration advantages, low product grade, weak innovation ability, backward process equipment, and serious environmental pollution.

(3) Development situation. Internationally, the production and consumption of vanadium and titanium products in other countries in the world have basically remained stable. Developed countries have blocked China from cutting-edge technologies, and it is urgent to make breakthroughs in high-end product research, development, production and application. Domestically, the transformation of economic structure puts forward higher requirements for product quality, and urgently requires the vanadium titanium industry to accelerate the transformation mode and realize industrial upgrading.

2、 Guidelines and Objectives

(1) Guiding ideology. We will thoroughly implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, follow a new path of vanadium and titanium industry development featuring high scientific and technological content, low resource consumption and low environmental pollution, and realize China's transformation from a large vanadium and titanium resource country to a powerful country.

(2) Basic principles. Adhere to the combination of total amount control and structural adjustment, market guidance and macro-control, technological innovation and industrial upgrading, rational development and resource ecological protection, and domestic development and "going global".

(3) Development goals. The industrial layout forms the agglomeration effect and cultivates the enterprise groups with international competitiveness; The production of vanadium and titanium is growing steadily, and the production scale is formed according to the market demand and domestic and foreign resource supply capacity; The utilization level of resources has been significantly improved, and the comprehensive utilization rate of vanadium resources and recovery rate of titanium resources in vanadium titanium magnetite, ilmenite and vanadium bearing stone coal have been clarified; Independent innovation achieved new breakthroughs, made significant progress in high-end product research and development, production and application, and the proportion of high-end products increased significantly; Significant progress has been made in energy conservation and emission reduction, reducing waste generation and emissions, and improving waste recycling.

3、 Key tasks

The Plan proposes seven key tasks to be carried out during the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, including:

(1) Strictly control the output of vanadium steel. It is prohibited to increase steel production capacity, and the scale of vanadium steel extraction in Panxi base and Chengde base is clarified.

(2) Promote the construction of industrial bases. Focus on the development of vanadium titanium magnetite resources in Panxi area, and build Panxi national strategic resource innovation and development pilot zone; Rectify and develop vanadium titanium magnetite resources in Chengde area; Moderate development of ilmenite resources in central Yunnan. Based on the existing backbone enterprises, each base makes overall development and puts forward specific requirements for the development scale of vanadium and titanium products in the base.

(3) Strengthen resource protection and comprehensive utilization. Actively promote the resource integration and enterprise restructuring of the industrial base. Some mining areas are closed for protection. It is strictly prohibited to use vanadium titanium iron concentrate as ordinary iron concentrate in steel production. Enterprises are encouraged to treat and recycle waste.

(4) Accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity. Strive to eliminate the backward production capacity of flat kiln roasting stone coal vanadium extraction production line, open type high titanium slag electric furnace, vanadium titanium production equipment without perfect three wastes treatment by the end of 2015, and define the elimination standards for vanadium titanium magnetite mining scale, vanadium pentoxide production line, ferrotitanium smelting furnace, sulfuric acid titanium dioxide production line, chloride titanium dioxide production line, sponge titanium production line.

(5) Cultivate high-end market. Build a batch of vanadium and titanium product processing enterprises with high product grade, strong technical innovation and brand advantages.

(6) Accelerate technological innovation and industrial application. We will promote research on a number of major core technologies and achieve major technological breakthroughs.

(7) We will strengthen energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection. Reduce resource and energy consumption during development and production.

4、 Planning and implementation

The Plan proposes seven implementation safeguards, including:

(1) Strict market access. Quantitative access standards have been put forward in the utilization of vanadium titanium magnetite, production of vanadium pentoxide, high titanium slag, titanium dioxide, sponge titanium, etc.

(2) Implement the financing policy of keeping pressure. We will increase financial support for industrial bases, and impose financing restrictions on enterprises that build in violation of regulations and have backward production capacity.

(3) Strictly manage land supply and use. For encouraged projects, land use shall be guaranteed; For restricted projects, no land shall be supplied. We will support enterprises to actively rehabilitate mine damaged land and use idle land.

(4) Encourage the comprehensive utilization of tailings wastes. Encourage enterprises or projects with high utilization efficiency of tailings and waste resources in terms of special fund arrangement and resource allocation.

(5) Promote the pilot project of direct power purchase. Promote qualified vanadium and titanium production and processing enterprises and power generation enterprises to carry out pilot direct power purchase transactions.

(6) Strengthen macro guidance and industry management. The government departments should strengthen the guidance of the development direction of industrial advanced productivity, and the association should play an active role in information exchange, industry self-discipline, and scientific and technological innovation.

(7) Timely summarize and promote. Timely report the progress and outstanding achievements of the base construction, and effectively play a leading role in demonstration.